Project description

Automatic rod feed for automatic lathes


Machine tools


Project management, concept, construction and detailing, realisation of a prototype, establishment of a supplier network, production solution

Project duration

24 months

Automatic profit feed.

A leading Swiss machine tool manufacturer is an expert in several machining technologies for the production of large-batch components. The only area not running to plan is the raw material feed for very small diameters.

This company was not alone in experiencing this problem: competitors also had to carry out manual feeding of very thin rods to the automatic lathes. The company wanted to introduce an automated system for this process in order to secure a market advantage.

A requirement specification and target cost were sent to prolim, which within a very short period developed a production-ready concept for the transport system, built a prototype, established a supplier network and presented the production solution to the customer.

The target cost objectives were achieved, the transport system was marketable and it defined the basics for many future developments of even multiple material feed systems. At the same time, it also formed the basis for a potentially broad-based market offensive.