Project description

Dyeing system


Security technology


Project management, design, realisation of a functional sample, testing, validation, certification, industrialisation

Project duration

9 months, work continuing

Dyeing system for black numbers.

If a cash transport case is broken into, a plastic sachet of ink breaks open that dyes the banknotes red and makes the cash worthless for the thief. It is immensely important to all parties involved in cash transport that these systems work reliably and flawlessly.

However, the operability of conventional systems cannot be properly tested, as a test destroys the proof. A young company has invented an electro-mechanical system that can be monitored continuously and is thus much safer.

prolim is supporting these young entrepreneurs with expertise in development and fabrication, and is helping the firm develop a production-ready product from a prototype, which can then be industrialised and produced in very large batches. The product is due to go into production shortly.

Thanks to this collaboration with prolim, the company has been able to bring to market a high-quality product at an attractive price. The company has now found business partners and investors that recognise the great market potential of this new dyeing system.