Project description

Sorting trolley


Plant construction


Project management, concept, construction and detailing, manufacture

Project duration

4 months

Sorting trolley with a cost brake.

The relative energy loss of a window frame becomes smaller as the window area grows larger, a reason why large windows are currently in fashion and why glass manufacturers must be able to supply extremely wide spans.

As a result, prolim was given a commission to construct a sorting trolley for glass sheets measuring up to 6 x 3 metres. The project had an extremely tight deadline, as this trolley was the link between two production lines that were already partially under construction.

prolim developed a concrete concept at an early stage, quickly got the factor of mass acceleration under control, and within a very short period delivered a complete set of construction plans for the sorting unit – within budget and ready for a perfect start.

This proved cost-effective, not only for the client, which was able to supply all required components to schedule and from one source, but also for dozens of tenants in modern, new-build residential areas, as these large windows resulted in lower heating costs over decades.