Project description

Gear pump


Textile machine construction


Project management, concept, construction and detailing, realisation of a prototype, establishment of a supplier network, turnkey series production solution

Project duration

12 months

Gear pump for the revenue stream.

Freedom of action is a great benefit, particularly for entrepreneurs. To help a company free itself from dependence on one supplier, prolim was commissioned to develop a gear pump that would be more cost-effective and better tailored to the needs of machinery in the textile industry.

prolim constructed a housing that could be opened easily with a snap catch, which made cleaning and yarn laying significantly easier. Additionally, the gear pump could be operated independently of the type of textile machine by an electronic control system.

prolim industrialised the product: it had casting tools made for production of the housing in large batches as injection-moulded components, and established a supplier network that could deliver the product to a reliable production quality and at much lower prices.

The new gear pump gave this textile machinery manufacturer greater freedom: the company was able to break the previous supplier’s monopoly, secure a technical advantage over its competitors, and sell its product on the market more cost-effectively and at a higher profit margin.