Project description

Clamp tightening tool




mechanics and control system,
construction and detailing,
realisation of a prototype,
testing and evaluation

Project duration

Six months

Tools for working the market.

An international supplier for the automotive industry developed a clamp suited to a broad range of diameters and applications. Initial prototypes had already been developed, as had the initial simple assembly tools.

It was vital that these should function with a high degree of reliability when used later on in the assembly cells. Process reliability and repeatability were the key factors. The clamp was to be tightened with a different degree of force for each application under very stringent tolerances.

Within a short six-month period, prolim developed a concept for a new load-controlled assembly tool, devised functional samples to test sub-functions, constructed an initial prototype including the control system and switchboard, and optimised the mobile stand-alone version for initial trial runs on site.

Thanks to a highly collegial and interdisciplinary collaboration between prolim’s mechanical engineering specialists, the control system design professional called in and the customer’s in-house experts, the customer was able to take another significant step forward in the automotive market.