Project description

Rewinding machine for sewing yarn


Textile machine construction


Project management, concept, construction and detailing, realisation of a prototype, establishment of a supplier network, series procurement, turnkey series production solution

Project duration

24 months

Rewinding machine for fast selling.

Fashion moves rapidly and so the criteria for textile machinery change apace. In order to follow industry trends, this machinery must adapt to different applications, processing technologies and materials. The achievable payback period is thus accordingly short.

This is particularly relevant for rewinding machines. To ensure sustainable profitability for a customer, prolim developed a modular concept in which all the machinery in the customer’s product portfolio was based on a single platform, to which standardised components could be added.

This modularity had enormous benefits: the smaller degree of variance resulted in cheaper production, simpler inventory management, less error-prone procurement and more efficient assembly – production costs across the entire portfolio fell by 50%.

This brings the manufacturer more profit per machine and also provides higher turnover: the modular rewinding machines have been a bestseller for years, thanks to their variable and sustainable applications.